There is a difference between clever messaging… and actually influencing people.

There are barriers between one’s thoughts and one’s true feelings.

And there is a gulf between understanding and action.

It is in these impossible spaces that purrple was born.

purrple is next-level communication

purrple is communication in an age of over-communication, influencers, AI and intrusive algorithms. purrple is connection and meaning, people and purrpose. purrple is simplicity in an age of complexity.
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Is it important to you to be relevant? Do you want to really make an impact? 

Move towards meaning. It’s not just a tagline.

It’s our business description and our marketing brief.

It’s everything we do. In three small words.


The first is the path, the second is the destination.

And purrple is the strategy to get you there.

Why get purrple?


You want to make your comms both
 a lot easier and more impactful.

You want to brand or rebrand
your organization… authentically.

You need to change your
organizational culture.

You need to become
more innovative.

You need to attract the right kind
of employee
to your organization.

You need a campaign
that gets noticed!

You want to work with people
 who are not only strategic and creative,
 but also energizing and inspiring.





Why wait?

Contact purrple today and see how you can bring a little more color into your comms.

What's in a name?

What's in a name?

Some see a color. Some hear a cat.
(Some see a purple cat).

Some see a mistake?
Some feel excited, energized.
Some feel luxurious, royal.

Some feel creative.
Others have a sense of harmony.
Some sense an adventure.

And some just have a question.
But everyone has a reaction.

purrple. Meant to move.

I founded purrple because, for more than a decade now, I’ve felt like an imposter.

I’d call myself a Communication Strategist, even though I knew that often the challenges presented to me had more to do with behavior change than crafting the right message. Don’t get me wrong – sometimes they are the same things… but not always. And knowing the difference is everything. Building trust with your client base (especially when you want to expand it), growing the right kind of culture in your organization, or even establishing a brand that is truly authentic – these assignments are too often mistaken for “just a comms exercise.” They are so much more. Even when well-done, they often fail to create engagement, commitment or change. They fail to really move people.

So I decided to “get purrple”.

Borrowing from neuroscience, behavior theory and other fields that inform how we learn and interact, purrple is next-level communication that doesn’t just use the right words and images, but connects to the intrinsic motivators that inform everything we do. I also “got purrple” because helping people adopt the right climate change policies and behaviors, building an innovative culture and creating and embedding an authentic brand in an organization… are diffcult challenges. And enjoying the process (dare I say ‘having fun’?), not only makes the process sustainable; it also leads to infinitely better outcomes. So yeah, purrple. My own move towards meaning.

Daniel Lutz, Founder
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© 2024 purrple

© 2024 purrple